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Libraholics is a community for individuals who love to read and discuss works of poetry and prose, fiction and non-fiction. We're looking to build a close-knit community of people with diverse interests and similar standards. We're really interested in people who can provide fresh, interesting perspectives for recommendations and discussion. If you're looking for a book community that is exclusive without being pretentious and snooty, this might be the place for you.

This is a stamping community, which means that to enjoy full membership, you must submit an application to be voted upon by current stamped members.

To Apply:
Upon joining the community, please post a list of your top 20 books. These should be not just books that you love, but books that you love enough to recommend to others. This is the only thing that you should post until your application has been stamped.

Guidelines for Applicants:
o1. Until you are stamped as a member, you should not comment within the community other than on your own application or an official "Contact the Mods" post.

o2. Please post just your list of 20, without rambling introductions or explanations. If you would like to introduce yourself, limit it to something like "Hi, I'm [your name here]." (Note: 20 means TWENTY, as in 2x2x5. It does not mean 20+2 or 3 others that I couldn't decide between.)

o3. We appreciate attention to details. Please be sure that your list is spelled correctly and appropriately formatted (i.e., capitalization, punctuation, and italics/underlining for the book titles). Include the full title of each work and the author's name as it is credited.

o4. Members will reply to your application, either to vote "Yes" or "No," or to pose a challenge. Please try to answer challenges when they are posed. Ignoring challenges is the fast track to a "No" vote.

o5. If your application gets rejected, your membership in the community will be removed. You will be able to re-apply after 6 months, but your list should be significantly different.

o6. Once an application is posted, it will remain open for 7 days before being stamped. If all members have cast a vote before 7 days have passed, the application may be stamped before 7 days have passed.

o7. To be stamped as a member, 75% of the votes on your application must be 'Yes' votes. If you do not receive the required percentage of "Yes" votes, your community membership will be removed.

Guidelines for Members:
o1. When posing challenges to applicants, you should be able to justify them in relation to the list. For example: "Your list is entirely Western literature, what are your top 5 non-Western books?" is an acceptable challenge. "List your 7 favorite works about incest, written in Farsi" is not.

o2. The moderators reserve the right to ban anyone from the community for being an asshat.

o3. Once you are a stamped member, feel free to make any on-topic posts you desire. If a post is not on-topic, a moderator will comment and request that you delete it. If the post is particularly obnoxious or offensive the mods may delete it themselves. Please browse the community tags to search for previous questions and discussions.

o4. If you must post spoilers, they must include a warning and the actual spoiler must be behind a cut.

A list of all stamped members can be found here.

If you are interested in film, please check out our sister community cineholics.