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April(ish) Reading

Right-o. Things have been quiet around here, but once again a month has passed, and I love to see peoples' reading logs. So, what did you read in April? Remember, we're pretty flexible in terms of what "counts" so list away! If you see something on another's list that interests you in some way--ask about it or engage them in conversation.

Also, if anyone wants to post discussions on their own, please do. Or reviews of particular books. Or, really, whatever.


May. 1st, 2009 11:48 pm (UTC)
I have a couple of friends who are into Fables, and I've thought about giving it a go... but I've got a couple of things holding me back.

First is that I really struggle with serial comics. When I was younger I read a few here and there, but these days, I don't think that the quality in most serial forms is all that great. (This also goes for word books and tv shows--the tv shows I've liked best are ones that know from the start how many seasons they plan to run and have an arc and planned end).

Second is that when I picked up a volume to flip through, the art didn't capture me immediately. Although, it seems that there are a number of artists who have worked on the series, so perhaps there's something in there that I'd like more.
May. 4th, 2009 12:06 am (UTC)
You really have to start at the beginning ("Legends in Exile") and go in order (though I didn't go quite in order all the time, since the library took a while to get in everything but it's better in order). And this definitely has not just one story arc at a time but also a major story arc. The first seventy-five issues together, in about ten bounded volumes, are the culmination of one major plot, and there are smaller arcs within that get you to that end.

I'm just happy they kept on going and have another major story arc after cause I don't want to leave the world. But I'm like you; I can't get too interested in one-off episodes or issues for comics or television. I need a broad, overlying and planned plot. Otherwise I don't really see the point in it all; there's no tension to keep me watching. (And that's why I love Lost so much.)

The art changes, although there are a couple who are the most prevalent and you get used to their styles. But it's interesting to see different artists' takes on the same characters as they trade off every so often. It's not always my favorite art but the main thing for me is the truly excellent writing. I can't like a book without good writing.

But graphic novels work well for me; I have a very visual mind and they cater to that well.

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