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The game is afoot!

 Well, hi there. I know, uhm, no one's posted here for nearly nine months, but, new year and all that... thought I'd see if anyone was still out there :)

I saw the new Sherlock Holmes film, which, regardless of my reaction to it, made me realize that I've really read very few of the original stories. I know a lot about the character essentially through osmosis--he's such a part of the collective unconscious, I have really picked up enough details to scrape by without having actually read any stories. It's really silly; I love mysteries, and I love the characters. I determined to solve this problem posthaste. Then I got my hands on a thirteen-hundred-page volume of the Complete Sherlock Holmes, and now I find myself a little overwhelmed.

Where would you start? Should I just read it cover-to-cover? I usually don't when I read short story collections; does it matter what order I read them in? What is your favorite Sherlock Holmes story?


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Jan. 8th, 2010 05:42 pm (UTC)
I haven't read Holmes since I was a kid, but I remember really liking the ones I could solve on my own-- Silver Blaze, The Devil's Foot (which I think is also one of the ones with good addiction subplot, if I am not getting it mixed up with other ones). The classic ones are classics for a reason-- if you just want to read a sampling, I would suggest going for A Study in Scarlet and The Hound of the Bakervilles, and throw in The Scandal in Bohemia as well.

Most of the short stories don't really need to be read in order but I would still start with A Study in Scarlet because it sets up the characters and background well.

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